[ANIME] Concept Artist, Kouji Tajima makes fan art, Attack On Titan Live Action in 2014.

Written by tueac, May 14, 2013
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Kouji Tajima the conceptual designer for many high profile projects like Captain Harlock, Les Miserables, Total Recall remake, Dragon Age, Garo and more, made a fan art movie poster of  Attack On Titan, dating it for a 2018 release. This fan art poster, first posted on the the creator’s twitter account, created an uproar on the internet, reaching major anime news sites and blogs.

In a later tweet, Kouji acknowledges that he was inspired by the anime’s promotional poster, and expresses interest in wanting to work on the real movie poster. Perhaps he is hinting at TOHO, the company currently planning a Live-action movie of the same title.

Twitter _ Kouji_Tajima_   進撃の巨人の実写映画版ポスターを勝手に描いてみました   ... - Google Chrome (2013-05-14 11.48.34)

Source: https://twitter.com/Kouji_Tajima/status/333779267857039360

Yes, there is actually a live-action movie project of Hajima Isayama’s Attack On Titan currently in the planning, it was announced to the public in December 2012. Despite some early set back with Director Tetsuya Nakashima quitting the project over a disagreement with the script writing team, and a delay in release date from Q4 2013 to 2014.

TOHO has yet to announced the demised of this project, and judging from the popularity of the anime series, I doubt it will be discontinued.

映画『進撃の巨人』公式サイト - Google Chrome (2013-05-14 11.37.19)

Attack On Titan Movie Official Site: http://www.shingeki-seyo.com/




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