[ANIME] Psycho Pass Season 2 in the works!

Written by tueac, July 08, 2013
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In a special guest panel at the Anime Expo featuring Production I.G’s CEO and President, Mitsuhisa Ichikawa, it’s revealed that the 2nd season of Psycho Pass is currently in the works.

According to Ichikawa shacho, the script development and production Psycho Pass Season 2 is currently happening.

Pre-confirming what might be the “Important project announcement” during an all night screening event to be held in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukouka and Sapporo on the 6th of September, screening all 22 episodes of anime in a theater from 9PM onwards.


Tickets for the all night screening event can won from via an application form inserted into the 8th volume of the Anime’s Blu-ray and DVD to be ship in July with winners notified in August.

So do you think the Important Project Announcement would be Psycho Pass season 2’s details?

It has to be right? Can’t be any other stuff yah? Would be awesome if the 2nd season is coming this year!

In other news, American licensor, Funimation, has licensed Psycho Pass and will be releasing the blu-ray and DVD in spring 2014.

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Production I.G: http://www.productionig.com/
Psycho Pass: http://psycho-pass.com/



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